By submitting this order I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of sale set forthherein with respect to the use of my credit card, e-check or check payment for this orderincluding any related charges that may occur after the sale as listed below. All sales are subject to a core exchange or core charge.

Cancellation Policy: If this order is canceled or returned for any reason after it has been shipped, the Customer will be responsible for round trip freight charges and a 10% restocking fee on any new, unopened engines, transmissions, or parts.
Used or installed engines, transmissions, or parts may NOT be returned. Please refer to the Rev6 Warranty Policy. Any cores received will not be returned to the customer. Rev6 will buy the core based on its condition.
Engines typically ship within 1 – 2 weeks from the order date. Lead Time will be quoted at the time of purchase.


Most sales are subject to a core exchange or core charge. These costs depend on the type of product being purchased. Rev6 requires a good core. The core is your old product: engine, transmission, cylinder head. The definition of a good core is having core parts that are able to be remanufactured. All cores must be received by Rev6 within 30 days of your remanufactured product being shipped to you for a full refund. We do not accept aftermarket parts or ported cylinders/heads/cases. In order for a remanufact ured product to be shipped, Rev6 must have your core on site and processed or a refundable core charge paid in full.

Option 1: Paying the Refundable Core Charge (Preferred Option).
Most customers prefer to pay a refundable core charge so they can receivetheir remanufactured engine or transmission and can do the tear out and install at the same time. This refundable core charge is due prior to your scheduled build date. We cannot get you on our schedule if the core charge is not paid in full.

Option 2: Sending in your core prior to build date.
Customers are welcome to send in their core prior to their build date if they wish to avoid the refundable core charge.We will add you to our build schedule once the core has arrived. Once we receive your core, we can have it processed within 3 business days. If your core has not been received and processed, we will reschedule your build date to a later date that works within your timeline.

Cancellation: If you send in your core and then decide to cancel, Rev6 willbuy the core based on its condition. We will not ship it back to you.

What is a good core?
No major damage to the following:
Cam Plate
Cylinder Head
Oil Pan
All internal components (balance shaft, crankshaft, connecting rods and cam shafts), bolts, washers, valves, etc.

Any damaged or missing parts will be charged to the customer. Please send in your core with all additional parts removed. We are not responsible for any extra parts left on the engine that are not part of the core. We will remove the extra parts and ship back at the customer’s expense. Visit our website for pictures and a list of which parts to remove. then go to the tab at the top “CORES” then “TEAR DOWNS”.


Shipment of Cores With Rev6 Packing Materials

For cores being shipped in the box that was received from us with their purchase

Please reuse the box as well as the packaging material supplied in the original packaging of your purchase, unless you deem the material too damaged or otherwise unfit for use. If you do feel like the shipment would be compromised in any way by using the supplied packaging, you can refer to the instructions regarding the shipping of core without Rev6 packing materials. If you have any questions about the re-usement of the material, please feel free to contact us. The material provided should consist of two pieces of hard foam covering the top and bottom of the engine, molded to it’s outline. Position the core you are shipping in the same manner the new engine arrived, using both the top and bottom components of the foam. Below is provided the step by step instructions for boxing up the core.

1. Insert the bottom piece of the foam into the base of the box.
2. Place the core on top of the foam.
3. Place the molded portion of the foam over top of the core. Be sure that it matches with the outline of the core to allow proper protection.
4. If there is a top piece, place that on top of the middle portion.
5. Place the completed core sheet on top of the packaging.
6. Seal the top of the box with packing tape.

If the mold provided in the packaging doesn’t fit the core correctly, make sure there are no extra parts attached to your core. After finishing, shake the box to make sure there is no extra movement within the box.


For cores being shipped without a Rev6 box or material If you are shipping the core before receiving the newly purchased engine from us, please shipit in a strong walled box, either a plastic tote or a double walled cardboard box. Be sure to allow enough room on the sides, top, and bottom of the container for sufficient padding (at least 3 to 4 inches). Padding can be anything of a soft material, stuffed tight enough that the core won’t move within the container. Suggested material would be shipping paper, foam pool noodles, cloth from old clothing or towels, or materials of that sort.

Rev6 is not responsible for lost packages or shipping damage to cores so please make sure it is packaged well.

Please complete the Customer Core Slip and leave a copy inside your box with your engine. Please power wash your engine before shipment. We strongly recommend you ship your core using Fedex Ground. We can help arrange for shipping through our dealer account and help with shipping costs. To take advantage of this, please email your customer service representative.We are not responsible for picking up packages.

Preferred Carriers: Fedex Ground and UPS
DO NOT USE: United States Postal Service *** USPS has refused to deliver packagesbecause of the smell of gasoline or oil.

Ship To: Rev6
ATT: Cores
180 W 900 N.
Springville UT 84663


Your engine core needs to be received by Rev6 within 30 days of shipment to receive a full refund on your core. After 30 days the following deductions will apply:

Before 30 Days: 100% of eligible refund
Between 30-60 Days: 70% of eligible refund (30% late fee)
Between 60-90 Days: 60% of eligible refund (40% late fee)
Between 90-120 Days: 50% of eligible refund (50% late fee)
After 120 Days: 0% of eligible refund

The reason for the late fees is because we need to remanufacture your core within 30 days of shipment to meet demand. After 30 days, we have to take those refundable core charge dollars and purchase another core to restock our inventory. If your core is more than 120 days old, you are no longer eligible for a core refund. If you would still like to return your core, Rev6 may be interested in purchasing your core. Please give us a call if you would still like to send us your core.